Montreal Ban on Pit Bulls



Morgan Amos

Recently Montreal, Canada has tried to put a ban on Pit Bulls. The law is temporarily suspended. The law stated that owners with Pit Bulls were required to pay higher fees for the animals,  go through a criminal background check, and to keep a muzzle on the dog outside; even in a fenced backyard. This ban will also make it illegal to buy and adopt Pit Bulls in Montreal.

The law states that city animal control officers would have the right to enter your yard or home without a warrant to make sure the law was being followed in regards to Pit Bulls.

The law regarding Pit Bulls includes: American pit bull terriers, bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, or any mix of those breeds. However, animal advocacy director of the Montreal SPCA, Alanna Devine, said it was difficult to determine if a dog is a pit bull or a pit bull mix. Devine tells Huffington Post, “We have no idea what breed these dogs are. The way that the bylaw is drafted could technically be any large dog with short fur could fall under this legislation.”

The SPCA sued the city of Montreal right after the ban was put into place. According to The Bark Post,  the SPCA believes that the Pit Bull ban goes against the city’s animal welfare laws.

According to Slate, about one third of the two thousand dogs at the SPCA in Montreal take in every year could be considered pit bulls under the new law. Petitions have been made to ban visiting Montreal as long as the city continues to ban Pit Bulls.