Arbor Oaks Homeowners Rebuild Their Home Again

Arbor Oaks Resident looking over the flood

Olivia Brown

Arbor Oaks Resident looking over the flood

Olivia Brown

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After Hurricane Matthew swept through the Lowcountry, many people were without power and distraught at the damage of their homes. Just a year ago, a flood came through the lowcountry, and many of the same homes were affected.

Eric and Megan Seitz, Arbor Oaks residents, are forced to  rebuild their lives as their house was flooded due to Hurricane Matthew. The Seitz’s recently finished the renovations on their home from the flood last year.

“We only spent 30 minuets moving furniture around before we evacuated on Wednesday. Of course we were thinking that we could not possible get flooded again,” Mr.Seitz said.

On Sunday, October 9th, they left their two young daughters in Columbia with family and came back to a home with water damage everywhere. They received 4 inches of water in their home, and last year they received 18.

While not as high as last time, the Seitz’s were forced to tear out the lower part of their walls, their new hardwood floors, and their very nice cabinets.

“It’s hard to see that we are going through this again only a year later. However, last year, we had such a big support system from our community of friends and family. I’m really thankful for that.”

“Last year, we got back into our house after nine and a half weeks. This year our goal is to beat that,” Mr.Seitz’s said with humor.

We wish all of the luck to This family and many other families that have to build their homes again.