New Dance Moves Erupting

dance moves Google search

dance moves Google search

Liz King , Writer

We have seen over recent years how dance styles and music has changed plenty, but dance moves in 2016 seem to just be popping up everyday.

It seems that dance has become a more popular way to express yourself in 2016. Many people feel like they have fallen behind the times with trends and fads, but this generation is continuing to grow and is not slowing down anytime soon.

In past years we have seen really iconic dance moves like the Gangnam Style or Twerking. Each dance move created has it’s own unique style and never fails to win the attention of many.

Recently new dance moves include the Running Man which was created by Maryland high school students Jared Nickens, and teammate Jaylen Brantley. In an interview with Ellen Brantley said “We dance everyday for our teammates in the locker room”;  “We’re the goofballs. So we were like hey let’s make a video and make everybody laugh.” The dance became a internet sensation when when Maryland basketball players posted themselves doing the dance move.

JuJu On That Beat by Zay Hilfigerrr has become the newest dance trend. About a month ago the dance trend went viral on YouTube when two teenage boys dressed as clowns filmed themselves doing the interesting dance moves.

So many dance moves wait to be invented for the year 2017!!