ILT then SLT, is BLT next?

Students at Lunctime

Students at Lunctime

Olivia Brown

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The students and faculty at Ashley Ridge High School faced a major policy change last school year in the lunch schedule. The change was made to make modifications to the lunchtime mayhem and it has only gotten better.

ILT, also known as individual learning time, was put into the lunch schedule to accommodate a genuine tutoring time for students and teachers.

Students are given time to catch up on their homework and really manage their ILT however they would like. “I really love the freedom that is established at our school. It doesn’t get any better,” said Tanasia Whitlock.

However, some students do not know how to handle all of the freedom. Just for all of those kids who need a little more structure in their life, the district has found a way.

This 2016-2017 school year, the school policy for ILT has been adjusted. SLT, also known as structured learning time, is a concrete twenty-five minute extension onto each child’s fourth period class period. This is where students can really crack down on their school work.

“Sometimes I don’t use my time wisely, so having SLT really adds order into my day,” said Senior, Abby Alexander.

Adding on SLT to the schedule at Ashley Ridge provides more month transitions into lunch and a more structured time for students to get things done.