Technology Brings out the Best in our Students

Students online at school

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Students online at school

Olivia Brown

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What a time to be alive in this age of technology our would is in. Students at the high school level now have access to laptops, cellphones, and mobile tablets. The educational resources that are available to schools  are endless.

After all three high schools previously met with the district, they want to see a rise in using more educational websites and resources to the students advantages. An example of one would be APEX.

APEX is a website that really prepares students for college and puts them on a path for academic success. “We will be using APEX in U.S History  to find more ways to connect what we are learning to other ideas and to help with our geographical maps,” said Mr.Harris.

“It helps that we get to use computers in the classroom setting so we aren’t doing the same things all the time. I enjoy it,” said Amy Willems.

While some may believe that Technology gets in the way of learning, students are making great leaps in their education through technology.