Fort Dorchester vs.Ashley Ridge

AR football Google search

AR football Google search

Liz King, writer

Last Friday, October 14th, the Ashley Ridge Swampfoxes went up against one of their region rivals, the Fort Dorchester Patriots. The Swampfoxes sadly fell to the Patriots with a score of 44-13. Ashley Ridge managed to score 2 touchdowns, while Fort Dorchester managed to score 5.

Last year, we went up against Fort Dorchester for the region match up, but they beat us pretty badly. Fort eventually went on to win the championship game that year. The Patriots have been destroying every football team that comes their way.

Within the last few days, students have continued to say “We are just having a horrible season” said one senior at Ashley ridge. A JV Swampfox even said “this season we really suck”.

The Swampfox coaches will continue to push the football players to their greatest potential, and have their athletes practice even harder.

The football season is almost over, so we can only hope that the Ashley Ridge Swampfoxes turn this season around.