New Friends at the Ridge


Coach Gibson

Porkchop and Peanut

Olivia Brown

The hallways at Ashley Ridge High School are always eventful; however, lately it has been a little more wild. The horticulture program has just welcomed two new farm friends into the Swampfox family.

Two new baby pigs are now under the care of our students. Porkchop and Peanut are two baby piglets that live on campus. They are brothers and are only about 3 months old.

“Porkchop actually just came a few weeks ago from Beaufort. Peanut was born there but was the first to come to Summerville,” said Coach Gibson. Coach Gibson is the horticulture teacher at Ashley Ridge and made the decision to get the piglets.

It only seemed fit to add another type of animal to our family. Ashley Ridge currently has chickens and roosters living on campus. The school once had a goat and  a puppy.

“We really love taking care of the animals and letting them be a part of our school,” said Suzanne LaFond.

We can’t wait to see Porkchop and Peanut grow up to be two incredible pigs.