Are AP Classes Worth it?

Morgan Amos

Advanced Placement classes, also knows as AP classes, are courses created by the college board that offer college leveled curriculum to high school students. At a first glance, AP classes may seem like they has only positive outcomes. However, it can be argued that AP classes don’t give the positive effect you would think it would.

Positives to AP classes

An obvious positive from AP courses is that you can possibly receive college credit if you obtain a high enough score on the exam. In the end, this will help you save on college expenses. It will also make you stand out in your college application. The AP Students website says taking AP is a sign that you’re up for the most rigorous classes your high school has to offer. AP classes and exam scores can help students qualify for more scholarships. According to The College Board, 31 percent of colleges look at AP experience when making scholarship decisions. AP even helps you build your college skills. AP prepares you when handling challenging issues you may face in your college years.

Negatives to AP classes

AP courses may seem like it will only have positive benefits, however, it can be very stressful. Most AP classes are very overwhelming to students and can take a toll on you and your grades. AP courses are very time consuming and can cause you to miss out on your high school life. Some colleges don’t even accept AP credits.

Sophomore, Alley Bissett, is a student taking AP European History. She says, “I mean it challenges you, but there’s a lot of work, and you need it to put in a lot of time.”

Whether or not you take AP classes is an important decision to make. Talk to your guidance counselor for help with these choices.