Ashley Ridge Takes on TED Talks


Anna Chui

A TED Talk

Olivia Brown

Students from Ashley Ridge High School were given an opportunity that was just too good to pass up. They were allowed to attend a field trip to see the dress rehearsal for the TED tall in Charleston,SC.

On October 18, students from the Ridge filled the seats of an auditorium ready to listen to some great speakers. The speakers at this TED Talk included, but were not limited to, Derreck Kayongo, Cathrine LaCour, Jack Alterman, and Don Alderman.

“I really enjoyed getting to hear the some of the inspirational ideas the speakers had to say. I’m really glad I went,” said Tanasia Whitlock.

Many of these speakers travel with the TED organization and speak across the county. TED talks also have a major following on social media and youtube. This is where most people discover what Ted talks are really all about.

The live TED Talk show was on October 19, at the Charleston Music Hall.