Homecoming Spirit Week

Homecoming  Google search

Homecoming Google search

Liz King, writer

Homecoming is the perfect time to show your school spirit!

The Ashley Ridge Homecoming game is next Friday, October 28th. Homecoming spirit week is one of the best weeks to show how much you love your school. The student council has already chosen the theme for the Homecoming dance; which will be The Great Gatsby.

Spirit week for students is one of the most fun times of year. During the week you’ll see a variety of wacky and creative costumes. Some people take spirit week really serious and get mad when people don’t dress up. Here’s what you should wear next week!!

Monday is Tacky Day wear your tackiest outfit ever. Mix-match your socks and shoes, have your craziest shirt and pants.

Tuesday is college day show off what college you will be attending or wanting to attend. You can even show off what your favorite college football team is…Go Alabama Crimson Tide!

Wednesday is of course your wayback, dress as if your in your favorite decade. Show off all your gear your parents have from when they were in high school.

Thursday should be a lot of fun, it’s Greece vs. Grease. You could either dress like your from ancient Greece in a toga with a flower crown; or you could dress as your favorite T- Bird or Pink lady. Don’t be shy to break out the hair gel and hairspray.

Friday is the Homecoming game against James Island. The games’ theme is American so dress in Red,White, and Blue! Show how much you love your country.

Spirit week can be an exciting week, so don’t be shy to dress up and have fun. Remember your only in high school once, make your days count.