Halloween TV show Throwback week

Halloween Google search

Halloween Google search

Liz King , writer

You may be familiar with Wayback Wednesday or Throwback Thursday, but have you ever heard  of a Throwback week?

This week at Ashley Ridge High School, we are bringing back all the TV shows you once loved when you were kid. That’s right! You have Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and That’s so Raven. The best part about these throwback episodes is that they are all Halloween themed.

The episode showings will take place this week and will end on Friday October 28th. Each student has the opportunity to watch them in the auditorium during ILT. Tickets can be purchased for $2 or 2 canned goods worth.

Ashley Ridge students are super excited about this week. A sophomore at Ashley ridge said, “I think it’s really cool, and brings back a lot of memories”.

On Monday they are showing The Suite Life of Zach and Cody; Tuesday is Hannah Montana; Wednesday is Proud family; Thursday is That’s So Raven; Friday is Drake and Josh.

So come out and be nostalgic with your fellow Swamp Foxes!!