Native American Heritage Month

Morgan Amos

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You may have heard of Black History month or National Spanish Heritage month, but this month is Native American Heritage month! November is a month to pay tribute to all Native Americans and their achievements.

This is the time of year to celebrate rich ,diverse cultures, traditions, and histories made from Native Americans. November is also the time to educate more people on the importance of Native American history. Not many people are aware that November is a month dedicated for Natives:therefore, educating people throughout the month will definitely help spread awareness.

According to the Native American Heritage month website, the first official American Indian day in a state was declared on the second Saturday in May 1916 by the governor of New York. However, many states designated Columbus day as Native American day. People during this time continuously did not give national recognition to Native American Heritage month as a national legal holiday.

The National Congress of American Indians says that eventually in 1990 president, George H. W. Bush, approved the designation of November as National American Indian Heritage month. Hopefully spreading more awareness on Native American culture can educate more people on the history of American origins.

Make sure to look into more information on Native American Indian culture and history!

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