Doctor Strange Movie Review

Morgan Amos

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Marvel has had yet another movie release this year. Their most recent film is Doctor Strange. The movie, like most Marvel movies, is based on a comic book.

This film was released on November 4th 2016 and ran for an hour and 55 minutes. Director, Scott Derrickson, creates a film about a highly skilled doctor, Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who gets in a car accident that cripples his hands. Strange, along with the help from one of his co-workers, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams),try to find a way to heal himself. However, when modern medicine fails him he seeks a new kind of healing found in the Eastern Hemisphere. When he arrives he meets The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who is in charge of the temple and her right hand man, Baron Modo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). They help Strange find healing through magic. Eventually dark power starts to cause problems in the world. Because of the power Strange holds he is forced to choose between going back to his old life of wealth and status or defending the world.

Doctor Strange is filled with many twists and turns, literally. The editing of the movie was phenomenal, with a mirror/reflecting effect happening throughout the movie. Some of the best scenes were the battles done in “glass wall” that was basically a glass version of the real world, but anything done in the “glass wall”could not effect anything in the real world. The characters were able to use their powers to manipulate the “glass wall” by reflection causing amazing effects.

Doctor Strange is a PG-13, fantasy/ Sci-fi film that is a perfect movie to watch with the family. There was many comedic parts to the movie that makes it even better. Doctor Strange is a great movie that I highly recommend to watch!

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