Hallway Sweeps at Ashley Ridge

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hallway Google search image

Liz King , Staff Writer

Something new has begun at Ashley ridge High School and students are not very pleased about it. AR will now take part in hallway tardy sweeps. the tardy sweep was put into place Tuesday November 16th, 2016.

A tardy sweep is used to single out each individual tardy student who is not in class by the late bell. Tardy students are swept up by either administrators or teachers, and brought to the auditorium to be processed.

When asked “What do you think about the new tardy sweeps?” Ashley Ridge Senior Jake Griffin said “I think they are stupid, and it doesn’t really make that much sense. You are preventing kids from being in class just because they are tardy.”

The policy for each student may vary depending on how many tardies they have.

  • 0-4, warning (sent back to class)
  • 5-9, SLT detention (sent back to class)
  • 10-19, ISS (remain in ISS for the day)
  • 20-29, 2 days of ISS (remain in ISS for the day)
  • 30-39, 1 day of ISS and 1 day of out of school suspension (remain in ISS for the day)
  • 40+, multiple days of OSS (sent back to class

Some teachers are urged to lock their doors after the bell rings to make sure no tardy students enters. Teachers are required to help in the halls during their planning periods.

In an interview with Ms. Gammon’s assistant Principal at Ashley Ridge. The question asked was “Why are you putting this policy into place now?” Ms. Gammon’s responded “The tardy’s have been getting out of control, we are trying to bring a stop to the tardy’s, and have kids get to class on time.”

On the first day of the tardy sweeps around 50-60 kids were sitting in the auditorium or getting processed. That number has decreased significantly over the week.

We will continue the hallway sweeps everyday up until Thanksgiving break, and after the break on random days throughout the week.