“Almost Christmas” Review

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“Almost Christmas” Review

Olivia Brown

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In Almost Christmas, the Meyers family is forced to spend their first Christmas together after the passing of their mother. Their father’s only wish is for all of his children, and their spouses, to get along for five days. A Christmas miracle is what the Meyers family needs. The director, David E. Talbert, portrays this family comedy-drama wonderfully through the cast selection and the humor.

After Walter Meyers, played by Danny Glover, finally greets all of his children for the Holidays he realizes how difficult it will be for everyone to get along. The most drama occurs between his two daughters Rachel, a single parent in law school, and Cheryl, a business woman, played by Gabrielle Union and Kimberly Elise. His sons, Christian, a state Senator and Evan, a college football player, are played by Romany Malco and Jessie T. Usher.

While Rachel is uncovering a secret about Cheryl’s husband, Christian is struggling to separate his work from family time and Evan is struggling with living his life without his mother.

Talbert’s character choice was essential to the movie. Each actor had history being in the comedy business. Cheryl’s husband, played by famous Comedian J.B. Smoove, added an additional sense of humor that left the audience hysterical. Every family has a crazy aunt and Talbert did a great job with choosing the woman to play this aunt. Mo’Nique was completely magnificent and overly hilarious with her sassy attitude.

Talbert opens so many doors for the audience to laugh by effortlessly placing the cast in the right roles.

Almost Christmas is a PG-13 rated movie for language and adult content. The language is a little excessive for a PG-13 rated fim;however, I would suggest this movie for a family with children at least the age of 15.





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