Construction Begins on Delemar Highway


Delemar Highway

Olivia Brown, Writer

It’s the the beginning of a new era. Ashley Ridge High School students and faculty will be enduring construction for the next few years to mold Delemar Highway into a five-lane Highway.

The condition of Delemar Highway has been a topic of discussion since 2006 when the district decided to build Ashley Ridge High School on the road. When the school first opened, it only occupied about 900 kids and not everyone drove to school. Ashley Ridge now holds almost 3,000 kids and traffic on the highway has become constant and dangerous.

Multiple accidents have happened on the hazardous road and the state was just brushing it off. “The two-lane road is marked by potholes and patches, with ditches running parallel to the road on both sides. There are no guard rails or shoulders, and visibility is limited at night.The road is also dangerous because its traffic includes 18-wheelers and cars with student drivers,” says the Post and Courier.

One of the Juniors at Ashley Ridge, Olivia Wright, says, “The road is actually really nerve-wracking and scary. I’m glad construction is starting.”

Mrs.Radcliffe has been the principal at Ashley Ridge since it has opened, so this subject is important to her.

“We can patch and patch, week in and week out, but it’s not going to take care of the issue,” said Mrs. Radcliffe. “That road is entirely too narrow.”

The time length for how long the extension of the road will take is unexpected;however, we are glad action is finally being taken.