Special Education Department Gets Down with Cookie Decorations

Olivia Brown , Writer

This is a picture of different cookies gathered together from multiple students. These cookies have chocolate pieces on them with glitter sprinkles and colorful ones.
One of the students showing us her amazing cookie collection. Her cookies were covered with pink icing and colorful sprinkles.
One of the students proudly showing us her final cookie presentation. She has blue icing on each of her cookies with colorful sprinkles, raisins, and edible glitter.
A few of the students pouring the icing carefully into a dispenser. They have on white cooking coats and hair nets so their clothes don’t get messed up and their hair stays out of the cookies.
These cookies were baked with Christmas idea shapes. There is a decorated stocking, a star, Santa’s bag in the upper left hand corner, and a reindeer.
This Special Ed Student decided to go with a green and yellow colored theme. His cookies were decorated with green and yellow icing with chocolate pieces and sprinkles