College Park Middle School Hosts Robotics Competition

South Carolina FLL and Robotics Education

Morgan Amos

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On December 10th over a hundred students were at College Park Middle School to participate in a robotics competition. They usually compete in groups of four with a designed robot that are built, programmed, and used to compete with.

Teachers who help put on this tournament say robotics is more than a sport, but a way to prepare students for the future in a way they may not have thought of. Jessica Donaldson, Project Lead the Way Gateway teacher at Cane Bay Middle School said “Our programs reach a lot of students who may not have considered programming or robotics or mechanical engineering. So it definitely gets them interested in pursuing something they may not have thought was an avenue they would explore.”

With students coming from all over South Carolina to compete, those putting the tournament on say it’s something everyone enjoys coming together to be a part of.

The teams that won from Saturday will continue to state competition, and eventually the world championship in St. Louis.

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