Firework Blast Kills at least 29 in Mexico


San Pablito Firework Market up in flames after firework explosion

Morgan Amos

On December 20th a huge explosion broke out in Mexico’s largest firework market. According to the Mexico state police, this explosion killed at least 29 people and inured 70. The explosion occurred at about 3 p.m. at the well-known San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec, a town on the outskirts of Mexico City.

“Everything shook strongly,” witness Ana Maria Alvarado told CNN. “I have a family member who works here but I have not heard from him.”

Dozens of ambulances and fire trucks rushed to the site. Officials asked people to stay away out of concern that there could be more explosions. Rescue workers continued to search the scene for victims. Mexican officials, including President Enrique Peña Nieto and the Mexico State governor, Eruviel Ávila, said the federal and state authorities were working to identify the dead and help the wounded.

Fireworks accidents are not uncommon in Mexico, especially during the Christmas season, when families purchase hundreds of fireworks for the holidays as a part of a favored Mexican tradition. The explosion at the San Pablito market was the third major blast there in the last 11 years.

Ávila said the production and sale of fireworks would continue and that the state would support those who lost their livelihoods in the explosion.