Skater Shoe or Fashion Trend?

Grey High Top Vans

Grey High Top Vans

Olivia Brown, Writer

The very popular Vans Company is mostly know for the success in their skater shoes. Their brand was actually awarded for having worlds best skater shoe. However, over the years the basic skater shoe has become more of a fashion statement than a shoe of purpose.

The brand has a variety of extremely comfortable tennis shoes. The shoe has become popular for teenagers, girls and guys, who just want something that can go with everything.

They are easy to access and the prices range from about $50-$120 dollars. The nicer tennis shoes are more expensive; however, the majority of the popular ones are affordable for teens.

“In a very underground way, we’ve always been in the fashion business,” says Steve Mills, Vans’ vice president – global product marketing – footwear classics.

“I really like the ones I have. I can wear the with a lot of things and they weren’t too expensive,” said Ruthie Bagget.

Due to the success rate of this old but new fashion trend, the Brand has made a lot of money off of their merchandise. “The Vans brand is VF’s second largest and it’s well on its way to reaching $2.9 billion by 2017, targeting a five- year compound annual growth rate of 15 percent,” said the Vans Cooperation.

I personally just invested in a pair of Vans and they are truly comfortable and stylish. Go out and buy yourself a nice pair of sneakers because you won’t regret it.