Is the ACT a Make or Break Test?

Olivia Brown, Writer

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Every year across the nation, thousands of high school students are preparing for the ACT test. Almost every college in America has the ACT exam as a requirement upon entrance into their school.

With a heavy part of college acceptance being based off of this exam, the pressure is on every student to make a high score. Also, with the experience of currently being a high school junior, I know the pressure the test can bestow upon anyone.

I also think to myself, is it truly fair that one test can make such a huge impact on college acceptance. Some of the best South Carolina colleges, like Clemson University or Wofford, don’t accept anything but the best-and that includes ACT scores.

I do understand that colleges will look at your academic progress and other aspects of your life like your extracurricular activities; however, the ACT truly does give colleges a good way to rate their students on preparedness.

Junior at Ashley Ridge, Cami Butler, stated “It really is a lot of pressure to excel on this test. Even though we are allowed to take it more than one time, I still feel as if I have to do well to have options as far as college.”

I am not against the ACT being given as a test, I just do not understand why colleges look so deep into students doing well on this test. One student who may be a better test taker could do better than another student who is not as good as a test taker.

At Ashley Ridge, every Junior will be given the opportunity in March to take the ACT for free. The pressure will be on and the stakes will be high.