This is a South Carolina Winter Coming to You

Olivia Brown

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2017 has started and January has just begun. The South Carolinians are in the middle of winter; however, winter may not be here with us.

Down here in South Carolina, it practically never snows. The most snow this state will see will be in the upstate, and even then, the snow is not heavy at all. This picture illustrates how everyone improvises during the winter because it basically stays warm here year around. Forget your snow sleds kids, and grab that old cardboard box. This is called Box sliding!

This is a perfect example of how the clothing barely evolves during the winter months. Many women are leaving the house with a light sweater and a pair of boots, and not the kind made for harsh winters. Sometimes, only a light jacket will get one through some of the “coldest days” in South Carolina.

Occasionally the heat will get turned up on those few cold days; however, this is the temperature we keep our homes at in South Carolina. The high listed for most days in with range of 65 degrees. IF we need warmth, we create bonfires!

Yes, oh yes. We wear sandals year around in South Carolina. We find the perfect toe socks for those extra crisp days, but most of the time we are rocking our sandals with our toes out! I bet Chicago can’t say they can wear sandals year around….

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