Trump Signs First Executive Orders and Begins His 100 Days Plan


President Donald Trump Signing Executive Orders

Olivia Brown, Writer

It’s official. Donald J. Trump gathered with family, politicians, and fellow Americans last Friday in Washington, D.C, to be sworn into Presidency as the 45th President of the United States. He has started his plans for his first 100 days and has signed his first executive papers.

Trump’s first papers included “confirming his politicians into the Senate and a proclamation for a national day of patriotism.” During the election, Trump declared to America that within his first 100 days, he planned to take measures to get rid of Obamacare. Although Republicans have not yet released the insurance steps to replace the Affordable Care Act, the party supposedly has”efforts to give states greater flexibility in implementing healthcare programs while developing ‘a free and open market in interstate commerce for the offering of healthcare services and health insurance'”.

Trump spoke briefly about his day with reporters. “It was busy, but good. It was a beautiful day,” he said.

During his signing, Trump also told the congressional leaders that in the letter that former President Barack Obama left for him, Obama said he could support a bill brought by Trump if it improved upon his signature domestic policy.

According to Steny Hoyer on, Democratic Minority Representative, Trump meeting with congressional leaders gave him “an opportunity for him to get to know members of the leadership that he did not already know.”

President Trump has also signed an executive action on Monday reinstating the so-called Mexico City Policy, which bars international non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortions from receiving US government funding.

America looks forward to seeing how much President Trump confirms within his first 100 days at the White House.