Educational Apps Make Studying Easier

Morgan Amos

When people talk about how kids these days are glued to their phone and are unfocused on their school studies, they don’t take into account how useful your phone can be when studying. Before we had the technology we have now, we had to use a lot of traditional methods like making flashcards or just reading off our notes, but a lot has changed since then.

“I feel that they definitely help with learning both inside and outside the classroom. It gives you an easier, more accessible way to study and keep up with your assignments,” Ashley Ridge High School student, Bella Franco says.

Kids today don’t have to hand-make their means of studying like flashcards, because now we have apps that can make it so much more easier. Quizlet is a popular app that many students use to make flashcards. Sometimes it’s even unnecessary to make your own because someone might have already made a public set about the topic you need.

Remind is another useful app that teachers can use to remind kids about upcoming important dates or activities happening in class. You can get regular texts or emails from your teachers remind account.

Another way for communication from teachers to student is using Edmodo. Teachers use this as a way of turning in assignments and papers as well as for being able to ask any of your teachers questions.

Kahoot is another great way for a class to study for an upcoming test. It is a game-based classroom response system and educational platform that leaves your students begging for more! Games are displayed on a shared screen, like a Smart Board, and the students use their own devices to answer the question on the screen. This tends to be a classroom favorite among students studying for upcoming exams.

PowerSchool isn’t an app used for studying, but it does show students their averages for the quarters and different grades students earned on their tests and quizzes. This is a great app to help students pay more attention to their grades instead of waiting to see what their averages are in the middle and end of the quarter.

“I thinks it’s useful because it reminds people of what they need to do and it’s a good tool to study with,” Sophomore student at Ashley Ridge, Savannah Lee said.

While kids and teens do spend a lot of their time on their phone, a lot of the time they could just be trying to get in a quick study session or seeing what grades they need to bring up. There are so many other study apps that are used to benefit students in and out of their school environment. These applications have helped so many people, and make studying a lot easier than traditional methods.