The Wizard of Oz Comes to Ashley Ridge

The Wizard of Oz the musical

The Wizard of Oz the musical

Morgan Amos

Every year Ashley Ridge has a musical production. This year’s production is going to be The Wizard of Oz. Our students and faculty involved in the musical have been working extremely hard to make this show as great as possible.

Destiny Rivers, one of the actresses in The Wizard of Oz who will play a Poppy, says, “It’s a lot of hard work and in the end it produces an amazing piece of art.”

The musical will show during school starting from 1st period until 3rd period. You can buy your ticket in the morning, during ILT, or in the theater hall for five dollars.

There will also be a few shows after school. They will be on Thursday, February 9th; Friday, February 10th; and Saturday, February 11th. All shows will start at 7:00 PM.

Make sure to check out our talented foxes and watch The Wizard of Oz.