“Split” Movie Review



Liz King

M. Night Shyamalan Director of movies such as The Sixth Sense, The Happening, and After Earth. Shyamalan an excellent director known for his twist endings and supernatural plots has created yet another breathtaking movie called Split. 

Three teenagers, Claire, Marcia and outsider Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), are kidnapped by one of the 23 split personalities Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy)has residing in his body. Kevin’s psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Fletcher (Betty Buckley), believes that in such cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder the psychological unbalance can cause physical changes to the body.Dr.Fletcher is concerned to find an email from Kevin’s dominant personality, Barry, a gay New York fashion designer; asking for a meeting. Over the years Kevin appears to be stable, with all of his personalities waiting to be given the spotlight. Barry controls who gets to go take over, but soon over powering personalities Dennis and Patricia take control.

Split was released January 20th, 2017. It reached a near 55.1 million USD in the box office. Production companies include Blumhouse Productions, and Blinding Edge Pictures.

The movie is classified as Thriller/Horror and rated-R, but the movie seemed less serious and more funny. Continuously through out the movie the actors make you laugh including James McAvoy. All though Shyamalan had a great idea for a film the idea is covered by fill in scenes, and humor.

The acting quality was not it’s best, but McAvoy really showcased his acting potentials and amazed audiences with his performance. Overall Teenagers and some adults might find this movie interesting, and figure out the message Shyamalan was trying to get across.