Promposal Competition

Promposal Competition

Morgan Amos

Prom season is coming up, and this year our leadership classes have planned a promposal competition. Anyone is allowed to enter as long as it is submited by March 17th.

In order to enter in the contest you have to contact at their email: [email protected] with you and your dates name and a picture or video of your promposal

Junior, Emilee Butcher, says,”I can’t wait for prom, this year I get to prompose, so I hope I win the competition.” You can enter in a picture or a video of your promposal. So make sure to be as creative with your promposal as possible. Prom will be on April 1st so make sure you secure your date and submit your promposal.

Make sure to get your submission in on time. Good luck to everyone who plans to prompose this year!