Perfectly Frank’s May be Moving

Perfectly Frank's May be Moving

Liz King

South Carolina is known for many things, such as its historic buildings and sites in Downtown Charleston. The most beloved place in South Carolina has to be Perfectly Frank’s restaurant.The restaurant is located in Downtown Summerville, and has been attracting crowds for years. The environment is family friendly and very welcoming.

Perfectly Frank’s is known for there delicious hot dogs. The restaurant was featured on Guy Fieri’s TV show Diner, Drive-Ins, & Dives on the FoodNetwork channel. The segment in the episode was called “One Righteous Chili Dog”. Fieri tried Perfectly Frank’s most popular hot dog called “Frank Cuda Dog”. The “Frank Cuda Dog” was named after the oldest brother, Frank Cuda. The dog comes topped with chili, bleu cheese coleslaw, bacon, cheese, and crispy onions.

In October of this last year South Carolina was hit with Hurricane Matthew a lot of small businesses were hit and left damaged. The storm had worsened already existing damages to the restaurant, and they couldn’t afford repairs. The restaurant was closed down for 4 days they lost upwards of $12k in revenue.

Perfectly Frank’s has a GoFundMe page, they are trying to raise $21.2k in hopes to save their beloved restaurant. Just within the past 20 days people have donated $7,055. Donations are humbly appreciated by the Cuda family and all employees at Perfectly Frank’s restaurant.