Betsy DeVos Confirmed as New Secretary of Education

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Betsy DeVos Confirmed as New Secretary of Education

Olivia Brown

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Vice President, Mike Pence, broke a tie in the senate on Tuesday. Betsy DeVos is now the current standing Secretary of Education in America. The vote ended up being a 50-51 vote and it took just about all night.

DeVos is a billionaire, Republican donor who has dedicated her time to pursuing a career in Education;however, her knowledge of public education in America is not up to par. Much of the controversy around Mrs. DeVos focuses on her support of charter schools, which are publicly funded and set up by teachers, parents, or community groups, outside the state school system.

DeVos has never worked in a public school, her children never took out student loans nor went to a public school through grade school, and she herself never went to public school as well. “I have serious concerns about a nominee to be secretary of education who has been so involved in one side of the equation, so immersed in the push for vouchers, that she may be unaware of what actually is successful within the public schools, and also what is broken and how to fix them,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski.

The vast majority of the votes against her in the Senate were democrats, and every person who voted for her was Republican.

Earlier in the year, DeVos made a statement that ” a school in Wyoming might want to have guns on premises to protect against grizzly bears”, which coherently fired up many public school supporters. The face of public education in America will likely change with DeVos in the house.

Along with this news, Trump has yet to fill his cabinet after today. The majority of his cabinet is unconfirmed and many choices still need to be made. “It is a disgrace that my full Cabinet is still not in place, the longest such delay in the history of our country. Obstruction by Democrats!” he tweeted.


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