Should Cancelling Prom be a Punishment?

Liz King, Writer

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We all know what happened last Friday, February 3rd, 2017. Ashley Ridge High school lost its head, and everybody lost their composure. What administration would classify as two fights, students are calling a riot.

During ILT on Friday, three to four fights broke out at once in the cafeteria. Many students quickly ran over to the fights and started video recording on their cell phones. The situation got so out of hand that students were standing on tables, cheering the fights on, and blocking administrators from breaking up the chaos. All administrators in the school were called down to the cafeteria to break up the fights. ILT was ended about 15 minutes early. Students had to report to their 6th period class immediately. At the end of the day, two fights broke out at the bus loop, one fight was brought into art teacher Mrs. Keith’s class.

On Monday February 6th, 2017, a new policy was put into place. Instead of having regular ILT, we were on Structured Learning Time schedule. Someone would come on the loud speaker and call your floor, if yours is called you would then be escorted by your fourth period teacher to get lunch. You had to immediately report back to your fourth period and eat lunch in their classroom. Also at the end of the day, they called your hall letter to go to the bus loop or leave to your car. This policy will happen until further notice.

Mrs. Radcliffe did not return to school until Tuesday February 7th, 2017. Radcliffe did the morning announcements like normal telling us all about the activities happening at Ashley Ridge. After she finished, she went on to say how Ashley Ridge is a classy school, and everybody who goes to AR is special and smart. She announced that if we as students continue to act foolish then punishments will be made. The first punishment will be to take away prom.

Now punishments should be made to those who took place in the fight and who were encouraging the fight, but prom should not be taken away. Upperclassmen had a little part to play in  these fights, so why should we be punished for the actions of underclassmen?

Prom is a sacred artifact for seniors and juniors in high school. Girls spend months searching for the perfect dress, and guys spend months trying to decide what girl to take to prom. I went to prom last year as a junior, and it was an amazing fun night to share with friends; to take that experience away from students is unfair.

I asked some students at Ashley Ridge how they feel about this situation. Ashley Ridge senior said,  “This whole thing is stupid. Why am I getting in trouble for something some freshman did?”

Senior Tyler Braun said “We better not get prom taken away. I already bought tickets”

Every school has their bad days, ours just happened to be on Friday. Students responsible for the fights should have disciplinary actions, but to punish the whole school for something a couple of immature students did is unfair to those students who come to school every day to learn.

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