Swim Team Contributes to Community Service

AR Swim Team


AR Swim Team

Olivia Brown, Writer

It may not be Swim season at the Ridge just yet, but our Swim team was in action this weekend. The Ashley Ridge Swim Team cleaned up and decorated gardens for the Katie’s Crops organization.

The Katie’s Krops organization started with a 9-year old girl in 2008 who was on a mission to end world hunger. She now has over 100 gardens over the entire country and has been donating fresh produce to those in need for them. Katie Stagliano is an competitive swimmer from the Summerville area, so the AR Swim Team helped out.

The team was assigned certain tasks to get these gardens ready for the upcoming spring season. They prepared the gardens by raking up leaves that were still on the ground from the fall season. They weeded out areas of dead grass and tall growing weeds to make room for the produce. Also, they mulched the ground and put in wood barriers to give the gardens structure.

“I think everyone had a good time. It’s nice to do things like this every once in a while, and on top of that we are ready for the season in the fall,” said Ansley Jones.

Ashley Ridge loves to see our students in action outside of the classroom. It’s good to know our Swim team can get down in the gardens if they needed too.