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Badlands Album Cover

Badlands Album Cover

Caitlynn Thomas, Newspaper Student

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Halsey’s debut album Badlands is a masterpiece created from an empowering woman who continues to inspire individuals to this day. Halsey contributed to the creation of the album, by creating a dystopian society within her work and writing her own lyrics.

Badlands is an album that has a variety of vibes between the different songs. Each song creates a melody that is unique and the pairing with the lyrics develops an overall distinctive sound.

Her first single “Ghost” comes from her first EP Room 93, which exposed Halsey into the music industry. “Ghost” contains a mixture of meaningful lyrics and synthetic beats that develop an unforgettable tune.

Similar to “Ghost,” Badlands contains the songs “Control” and “Hurricane.” These relate to relationships and empowerment, and are relatable in the aspect that relationships are more than what they may seem. “Hurricane” contains the lyrics, “Don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man” and builds a sense of empowerment within those who listen to the song.

Songs “Coming Down,” “Haunting,” and “I Walk The Line” are songs that are relatively less upbeat than the other songs on the album. The lyrics in each song create a slower feeling and make listeners analyze the lyrics with a deeper meaning.

Every song on Badlands creates a different mindset, and every lyric is meaningful. Halsey is an artist that works for their product, and creates imaginative music for their fans. This album was her first full album, and she perfected it for over a year.

Badlands is an album that transports me to another universe, and the lyrics make me forget about reality for a moment. Every song is phenomenal, and I wouldn’t want to change anything. What I disliked was the repetition of her songs on the radio when they were released as singles.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Halsey in concert, and even though she played four songs, she put on an incredible performance. She produced a show that left everyone in ’awe’.

When I got the chance to meet Halsey, she allowed us to hear “I Walk The Line” before any other fans. She showed us this song, and she was humble to hear that we enjoyed it.

Halsey is an artist that works hard, and she deserves to get more credit for what she does. She is talented and proud of the music she produces.

Halsey is considered to be in the alternative pop genre, and I recommend her to anyone that enjoys that style of music. Artists like Melanie Martinez and Troye Sivan are similar to Halsey due to their meaningful lyrics and innovative beats.

Halsey is an artist that I do not recommend for anyone younger than sixteen, because her lyrics are mature and they portray concepts that may not be suitable for young children.