Student Spotlight: Noah Rostance


Noah Rostance

Olivia Brown, Writer

Ashley Ridge Junior, Noah Rostance, was named an All State Participant for chorus. The choir weekend was held at Winthrop University and gathered a multitude of students for a cheerful weekend.

Rostance has been involved in chorus for many years. He attended Rollings Middle School of the Arts for the Vocal Core and then transferred into Ashley Ridge as a choir student. His goal is to make it into All-State each year and this weekend was noting short of perfection.

From Ashley Ridge High School, there were  four boys and six girls that attended the All State Choir. The weekend was fulfilled with multiple song ensembles and special choir directors. It began on Thursday and ended on Sunday.

Although the All State Program obviously has a choir for each state, world famous directors will travel to South Carolina to participate with these kids. “Dr. Packwood was amazing because of how he could only direct with one arm and how much passion he had for music and directing,” said Rostance.

Student are separated into choirs with different students from all over the state. They are forced to reach outside of their comfort zones and work just a little bit harder.

“All State weekend is one of my favorite weekends because of how much it helps me grow as a musician. Working with the world famous directors and being around people that love music as much as you helps give me a sense of accomplishment and appreciation of ray musician my abilities. It is also a way to grow closer with the people from our school who made the choir and realize that there are other people in our school who you can go to  for advice,” said Rostance.

Even though All State weekend is over, the Ashley Ridge Chorus will still have a spring performance coming soon. Congratulations to Noah Rostance for an excellent accomplishment on the All State Choir.