Emma Watson Fights Back about Vanity Fair Cover



Liz King

Emma Watson is one of the most outspoken women of her time. She has been a huge woman’s advocate and major feminist. Watson was recently featured in Vanity Fair magazine, she was even on the cover page. On the cover she looked beautiful, but Watson is receiving backlash from the cover for showing her breast. Watson was not taking it from haters though and has decided to speak out about the recent cover photo controversy.

Watson is most known for playing intelligent, 11 year old Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. This month Watson is back on the big screen playing Belle, from Disney’s  live-action film Beauty and The Beast. Before the Vanity Fair cover controversy Watson was receiving hate for changing the appearance of her new role as Belle. Watson wanted Belle to be a independent women, and focus more on her back story since the original 1991 film never gave away that much information. She even refused to wear a corset for the role, and she swapped out Belle’s flats for a pair of combat boots. She even decided to give her a job working in a bookshop and helping her father invent things.

Watson is a feminist, she believes every individual should be treated equally, and be given equal opportunities. She has made such a huge difference in the fight against equality for woman. In 2014 Watson was contacted by U.N. Women, the United Nations’ department of gender equality, about becoming an ambassador. She put the focus of the prying eyes of the world onto a cause she was passionate about.

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society said in an interview with BBC News, “Emma Watson has done more for women and for young girls than most of us put together.”

After the Vanity Fair cover was released some individuals took to Twitter to show how they felt about Watson’s cover photo.

Broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer wrote in a tweet “Emma Watson: ‘Feminism, feminism… gender wage gap… why oh why am I not taken seriously… feminism… oh, and here are my t–s!”.

Watson spoke out on her recent controversy, in an interview for her new movie Beauty an the Beast. She said  “Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality.

“I really don’t know what my t–s have to do with it.”  Watson also said.

Watson is not having it and will continue to fight for what she believes in.