Why is Prom so Important?

Why is Prom so Important?

Liz King

Prom a night most high school students dream of. It’s a right of passage to be able to attend prom. Girls spend thousands of dollars on their perfect dress, they spend months searching for the right shoes and dress, and even the perfect date. I have been to prom and I’ve seen the girls and guys all dolled up, but for what? A couple of finger foods, a crowded hotel ball room, mediocre decorations, and a DJ. Why is it we take prom so seriously?

Well first what is prom? Prom is a semi-formal black tie dance. Typically prom itself is divided into two dances, leaving a junior cruise or junior prom for 11th grade high school students, and a senior ball or senior prom for 12th grade high school students. In some cases juniors and seniors are brought together in just one prom night. Usually prom is held at the end of the school year as a, sort of, last hooray. Before the special dance, students decide on a “Prom Court” where they elect the most popular kids to either become prom king or queen.

In recent years “promposals” have become the new trend to ask people to prom. This has caused prom prices to rise even more, because “promposals” are done in a cute and expensive way. What happened to just asking a person with out all the dramatics?  I did a “promposal” for my boyfriend and spent zero dollars on the craft. I made a puzzle out of construction paper and asked him to prom on it. He had to put the pieces together and then check the corresponding box of his answer. I’m not saying that these expensive “promposals” aren’t memorable, but the one I did came more from the heart and not from Pinterest.

High school students say that they have more fun before and after prom than the dance itself. I think this is because so much stress and planning goes into just one night. Students stress about how they are going to pay for the prom tickets, dress and tux alterations, and finding a date. I don’t think you have to go to prom with a date. Personally, I think the experience would be more memorable if people went to prom with a group of friends. Maybe even go on a double date, so you can go with a group. It’s just a better experience, and your able to make more memories.

I am no hypocrite, I enjoy prom, but I don’t worry about spending thousands of dollars just to look good for a couple of hours. I don’t stress about the small details; I like to just be in the moment and go with the flow. Prom,to some people, is a huge deal, and some do take it way too seriously. However, you don’t have to do all these lascivious traditions just to go to prom. If you don’t want to attend prom that’s fine too, nobody’s making you go, and your not going to miss out on much. Prom is not that big a deal and it defiantly does not make or break your overall high school experience.