Hollywood Diversity



When you turn on the TV or go see a movie you don’t typically see a wide selection of minorities in a lot of the media today. Even when we do get the chance to see a minority on the big screen, the minority characters that do exist tend to be secondary to a white protagonist. Typically, minorities are labeled as the side kick, best friend, “first to die,” etc.

We see so many different TV shows that take place in diverse areas of the United States, but most of the time there is an all white cast. Like the popular TV show, Friends, which is set in New York. Friends has an all white cast, and even has an all white secondary and minor characters, and only a couple of diverse characters. Friends first aired in 1994, but we still see a lot of media today with little diversity. Girls, a new popular show, is set in Brooklyn with yet another all-white cast, with a few occasional minority characters that are portrayed as homeless or nannies.

Another big issue in today’s media is the whitewashing of characters. Whitewashing is a term used to describe when a character is supposed to be played by someone of color, but is replaced and played by a white actor or actress. A recent movie that came out, Dr. Strange, caused a huge controversy when the production whitewashed one of their lead characters. Tilda Swinton played as The Ancient one, however, in the comics this character is played by an Asian male.

There are so many examples in the media that don’t show enough diversity in the movie and television industry. I think we’ve come a long way from what it used to be. More minorities have started to get more roles. However, there is still so much misrepresentation in today’s media, and we still have a long way to go.