Facebook User Rises Terror in Cleveland



Olivia BRown, Writer

Days after a horrendous incident in Cleveland, the murder of an innocent man recorded on Facebook Live, Steve Stephens, the murderer, committed suicide in Erie,PA, after being pinned by the Police.

On Sunday, Stephens had been on his Facebook account falsely accusing himself of killing people whom he did not know. In Cleveland at the time, Stephens approached Robert Goodwin Sr.,74, and shot him at gun point. This was recorded on Facebook Live and the world, unfortunately, was able to witness this tragedy.

After this video was released, Facebook shut down his page 23 minutes after this was posted. Stephens fled the state and Ohio, and its bordering states, were issued a warning for his whereabouts. The gunman had no criminal record;however, did have a mental health record. It is stated that Goodwin was chosen at random by Stephens.

Stephens also claimed on the Facebook Live video that his ex-girlfriend drove him to commit this crime and the alleged other murders.

After traveling through a McDonald’s and being recognized by the staff, Stephens was found in Pennsylvania.

As the victims family prepares for Goodwin’s funeral, one of his daughters spoke out against this awful tragedy. “We are not happy about the outcome because we would’ve preferred that he turned himself in and paid the penalty for taking my father’s life. We forgave him, but even the Bible says the law is the law. Him dying serves us no purpose,” she stated.

The Facebook video received millions of views. Nothing like this should ever happen, especially online for millions of people to see. This is a testament to not only how social media impacts our world, but how we have to change how we act to each other.