ARHS Dancers Clock In Clock Out

ARHS Dance Team

ARHS Dance Team

Madeline Tunoy, Writer

Coming soon to an auditorium near you, Ashley Ridge dancers will be performing their spring show: Clock In Clock Out.  Debuting on April 26th at 7:00 pm and closing on April 27th again at 7:00 pm, this isn’t a performance anyone should miss.

The theme is occupations and students in the advanced dance class have choreographed nearly every piece.  While some are seasoned veterans, others of them have never wandered into the choreographic side of dance before this year. One of those senior veterans, Helena Nowosielski, says that her “experience throughout this project was very up and down, because at times my partner, Alyssa [Jurow] and I struggled with what to choreograph next, but referring back to the Laban Movement Chart always helped us push through any challenges we ran into.”

While most people are unfamiliar with the Laban Movement Chart, the Intermediate II and Advanced dance classes here at Ashley Ridge become quite familiar with it by the end of the year.  It is a diagram divided into categories such as body, effort quality, space, relationship, and more subcategories from there.

The dance teacher, Miss Laura Smith, explores new shapes and choreography for most of second semester with this modern improvisation technique alongside her students.  The results it has yielded have not disappointed; some of the featured occupations for the show include a therapist, businessmen, engineers, a housewife, and an artist.  Whether you are a student, teacher, or anyone else, you won’t want to miss this exciting show.