The popular new Hit: 13 Reasons Why

Olivia Brown, Writer

Netflix recently released an original TV series that has struck the hearts of the world. 13 Reasons Why has created so much buzz within the entertainment world and the response it is receiving from viewers is astounding.

The series follows the story of Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford, who commits suicide and decides to leave behind”13 reasons why” her life ended on 13 different audiotapes. Throughout the series, we are taken on a journey through her everyday high school life(mostly flashbacks) from sophomore to junior year. Each tape has a specific person that targeted Hannah throughout the episodes and the viewers are able to encounter each person.

However, there is one main character who shares some of the spotlight with Langford. Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette, is one of Hannah’s closest friends who wants to bring her life to justice. He pursues each reason Hannah left on the tapes and confronts each person that changed Hannah’s life forever.

The fans of 13 Reasons have blown up social media with their theories and questions about the show, due to the fact that we were left with so many cliff hangers on the season finale. While many people loved the series so much they want a second season, others do not feel the same way.

Some scenes in the show are extremely graphic, mainly the scene of suicide, and some people are not happy about that. Many people argued that the show has “ignored decades-worth of research and public health policy on how we take care of teenagers in general, and how we take care of vulnerable teenagers.”

I do believe that although the show has made many people feel as if they are trying to put a justification to suicide, it has also made so many more people alert about their surroundings. I think the show makes each person who watches it think twice about what they say and how they say it. No one ever knows if they could be some one else last straw.