Don’t Take Pictures on a Railroad Track

Don't Take Pictures on a Railroad Track

Liz King

Finding the perfect place to take prom and graduation photos is very important to some individuals. It is that time of year to book the perfect photographer for all your picture perfect needs. Recently, officials of Raleigh, North Carolina  are urging students not to take pictures on an active railroad.

North Carolina’s transportation and public school agencies are also urging high school yearbook staff to reject students who submit photos taken on or near railroad tracks.

Many state officials are emphasizing that railroad selfies can be dangerous and reckless. Stopping to take a Snapchat  in the middle of a railroad track or airport runway can lead to serious consequences. North Carolina officials say, “21 people were killed while trespassing on railroad tracks last year,” according to an article in Local news. Although none of these deaths were due to risky photography it is still dangerous and should be taken into consideration.

A nonprofit organization called Operation Lifesaver says 511 people died due to trespassing on U.S. railroad tracks.