Alternative Snacks For Studying For Finals

Olivia Brown , Writer

Although there are many different types of vegetables, carrots are a great source of energy. They carry a rich antioxidant, carotone, which give you a a boost of fiber. Carrots have many vitamins in them, but the most prevalent one is Vitamin A. Vitamin A not only improves your immune system and keeps you alert for studying, it also helps with acne which is a bonus for most teenagers!
Greek Yogurt will provide your body with excellent sources of B-6, B-12, and calcium. Greek yogurt actually carries probiotics as well. These probiotics can affect the brain in a very good way. They have the ability to reduce stress, which will not be needed for finals.
Dark chocolate is extremely good for you! (And it is sweet too.) It can lower blood pressure for people who ave high blood pressure or are stressed out about test. It is full of dic antioxidants and carries just enough caffeine to keep you focused on studying.
Oatmeal can be a very neutral food until you add things to it, Adding fruits, brown sugar, or nuts to your oatmeal can make it more exciting and tasteful. Oatmeal has a ton of fiber and is full of rich nutrients. It also contains cholesterol and keeps it at a health balance.
Not the popcorn loaded with butter people…but the plain popcorn. Popcorn is actually filled with wale grains, fiber, and nutrients. This snack is actually just a great snack to munch on and keep you motivated to keep going. While it is still healthy if you choose the right popcorn, it is used more as a benefit of taste.