Last Chance to Buy a 2016-17 AR Yearbook

Last Chance to Buy a 2016-17 AR Yearbook

Morgan Amos

Every year our Ashley Ridge yearbook committee produce a special book that represents the past year. It’s filled with school pictures, senior superlatives, senior quotes, sports teams, arts programs, and so much more.

Buying a high school yearbook is a small price to pay for a book filled with unforgettable memories of your year with your classmates and teachers. When we’re older, it’s nice to flip through the pages of one of our old yearbooks and be able to recall past events that we did in high school.

Seniors got a head start, and got to pick up their yearbooks on May 1st, and throughout the week underclassmen can go pick their yearbook up or they can buy one.

However, the end of the year is getting closer and closer, so the price of the book has almost doubled. If you waited until last minute, the price of the yearbook is now 80 dollars.

You can no longer reserve a copy of the yearbook, so if you want to get one, you better hurry before they run out. There’s only 35 yearbooks left in stock, so don’t wait!