How to Survive the Remaining Days of High School

How to Survive the Remaining Days of High School

Liz King

Seniors at Ashley Ridge High School graduation is right around the corner. Soon we will be putting on our cap and gowns to walk across the stage to collect our diplomas. We have worked so hard this school year, and the past school years to graduate on good terms. The seniors last day at AR is next Friday, May 12th, although some may have to take exams. I will be the one to say every senior has a bad case of senioritis.

What is senioritis? After spring break occurs and school goes back into session seniors are filled with laziness. Seniors become to tired and stop caring about school work. It is a shame, but true. I for one have a bad case of senioritis, but am trying to push my way through until next Friday.

AP exams took place this week and are taking place next week as well. The EOC exam schedule went out this week also. Many are cramming in last-minute studying before the big test day. If you are a senior with an 80 average or higher with no unexcused absences, you may have the chance to exempt your exams.

How are you going to survive until May 12th? Here are some tips to get you through.

Getting a good nights sleep of at least 8 hours helps replenish our brains, and our memories. Try not to cram studying into one night, spread it out then take breaks in between to let your brain absorb the information.

Another way to help is by eating healthy snacks like: apples, nuts, bananas, yogurts. These healthy snacks will not only help your diet, it will help your body grow and be able to take in information better. Eating healthy foods helps our brains process better, and they are way better than processed foods. Once you eat a healthy snack you will feel more replenished and want to learn more.

Studying can be difficult for some students, so why not make a study group. If you have an AP exam or final exam that is coming up, gather some friends, and meet at a coffee shop like Starbucks or Bigby Coffee. The environment  is friendly and inviting. If a public place is too noisy for you, try studying at the library in school or at your local one. Definitely make flash cards. During exam week flashcards are your best friend, and don’t forget to ask your teacher about anything you don’t understand.

Senior year has gone by quick, so don’t rush it anymore. Enjoy the last days of high school. Maybe talk to people you never thought you would talk to. Tell your past and current teachers how much they made a difference in your education. High school has gone by fast, remember that college life will be great and you’ll get to experience so many new and exciting things.

Farewell Class of 2017!