Should Students Be Required to Take Public Speaking?

Should Students Be Required to Take Public Speaking?

Morgan Amos

One of the most dreaded things to hear at school  is that you have to do a presentation or speak in front of the class. So many kids hate any school assignment that requires them to get up in front of the whole class. However, if we don’t get the skills to speak in front of a large audience, how much does it effect us?

Not a lot of people realize the benefits that come with a background experience in public speaking. Regardless of whatever career you choose, you’re bound to find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to give oral presentation of some sort. However, job’s aren’t the only places where you may use  public speaking skills. If you’re involved in different after school functions, clubs, communities, etc., being able to speak in front of a crowd is definitely helpful. Whether it be a final project, a wedding toast, or a pep talk before a big sports game, public speaking is everywhere.

Taking a public speaking class will not only help you socially, but academically too. If you learn to be more comfortable speaking in front of crowds, it can help you be more involved in your other classes too. Maybe now that you’ve taken your public speaking class, it’s a lot easier to answer questions in your math class, or comment about important events in your history class.

Ashley Ridge public speaking teacher, Melanie Jenkins, says, “I don’t understand why we don’t require it because most states do require at least a semester of it. Especially for college because you can’t get out of taking it.”

It is understandable for some people to not want to take a public speaking class. Some students just aren’t comfortable enough to speak in front of crowds. A lot of students have high anxiety when it comes to oral projects, and show a lot of disinterest in taking a class dedicated to public speaking. However, one of the best ways to get rid of your fear of oral speaking is to take a public speaking class and get used to it. As long as your given a good environment to learn how to comfortably speak in front of people, you can definitely get over your fear!