What Makes a Good Teacher

What Makes a Good Teacher

Morgan Amos

Whatever class you’re taking, whether it’s math, science, or history, the teacher will determine how well you do in the course. The teacher’s style of teaching can make or break your grade.

At school there’s always teachers that you have that just don’t teach as well as others. This can cause students to struggle in their classes if their teacher doesn’t effectively teach them. This can also be the opposite, and you can do good in a class that you normally get lower grades in because of the teacher.

Sometimes teachers don’t always effectively teach every single one of their students. A history teacher might like to have class lectures, while some of their students might learn better with hands on activities.

At Ashley Ridge we have a school filled with nice teachers, but is nice always helpful? There’s always teachers that are kind and like to befriend their students, but this can cause many distractions in class. If a teacher is too friendly, then it can cause many students not to do well in the class.

Teachers aren’t necessarily bad teachers if some of their students don’t understand the curriculum. I think the way the teacher gives out the information is crucial to their student’s grades. Maybe some teachers can try to mix up some of their teaching styles, so that everyone gets a fair chance to find out which style of learning best suits them.