Goose Creek Student Faces Charges



Olivia Brown, Writer

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A teenager at Goose Creek High School is facing charges against her for uploading a video of another girl using the restroom on Snapchat. The student has yet to be identified by name or grade because she is a minor.

The incident happened last Wednesday at school;howvever, the victim came forward on Thursday. She claimed that “another student climbed over the stall and began to take video of her using a cell phone.”

The victim covered herself once she saw the other student filming and asked her to stop multiple times. When she asked if she has put the video online, the student lied and said she had not.

After later finding out the video was on social media, the assistant principal found out after hearing it from a student. Even though the student did not capture any body parts, she is still facing charges.

The principal that she did it as a joke and “did not mean to hurt or embarrass her friend.” The student will face 5 days of out of school suspension.