What really makes up the student section?


The Blackout theme that the Ashley Ridge students participate in usually for the first home game of the yeat

Tyler Harbert

Some of the best moments of high school are spent on Friday nights at football games. Football players and cheerleaders receive most of the attention on Friday nights, but another valuable group of people that make these games so special is the student section. Two active students who participate in the student section regularly are Aspen Bissett and Lindsey Mcgriff.

The hype for some students who will be joining in the student section begins right after school on a Friday. Students will go out and get food to eat with friends so that they won’t be hungry during the game and spend money there. Both Bissett and Mcgriff on Friday travel to Canes where they eat before they go to games saying “It’s honestly so good to eat, and with it being so close, we could hurry up and go get some good food then we’re able to head back home quick to change for the game.”

Once the belly is full, then it is time to get ready for the game and to head to the stadium. Arriving early to the stadium is very common for many students especially Bissett who says, ‘I usually always arrive early in order to make sure I get a good spot in the front of the student section.” Student likes Mcgriff though are different and tend to arrive later saying, “I usually arrive either right when the game is starting or a few minutes after because I don’t care to be in the front.”

At Ashley Ridge, students like to watch the game from the student section and on “The Platform,” which is a wooden deck where students can stand on and see more then the students in front of them. Students like Bissett like to be in the front of the platform saying,” I really enjoy watching the games and cheering so I would rather be in the front and be scrunched together with other students in order to be able to see.” There are also students like Mcgriff who don’t like to be scrunched together saying, “It isn’t fun being close to other people especially when they’re sweaty and gross, I would much rather be in the back of the platform or in the bleachers where I can see a little more and be more comfortable.”

In High Schools all over the country, seniors or upperclassmen like to be in control of what’s going on with the student body and it is very much the same in the student section. The upperclassmen, whether they are there on time or early, usually go to the front of the platform to see and Many different students have multiple opinions on the situations especially Bissett and Mcgriff. Bissett feels that upperclassmen should be up in the front if they were there before game time but if you arrive late then you don’t deserve too and Mcgriff stands by the “ First come first serve” mentality saying” if the underclassmen are going to get there early and beat upperclassmen then they deserve to be there.”

Besides cheering on the team and enjoying the atmosphere, the students in the student section really enjoy their music when cheering. Both Bissett and Mcgriff like the rap style and “throwback” music that gets played in order to make the students more hype to watch the game. Mcgriff when talking about the music said, “the music that Anaya and Caleb (students put in charge by student council to play music) really gets students motivated to cheer, sing, and even dance.”

Besides the music and cheering, another part about student sections that make them so great is the theme ideas that the students do. There are themes that students don’t like but there are a lot that kids do like such as the Gold theme for Bissett. Mcgriff, while also agreeing the gold theme was fun, really enjoyed the blackout and American theme saying, “These two themes really made us as students and the school look unified and it was very easy for many kids to do so more people could participate and we could look better as a whole.”

Whether it was friendships made or a great game played, the student section for those that participate really can be enjoyable. Being involved in activities like these games and going into the student section really can be a great time if students are willing to make it. Even though the football season is coming to an end, basketball season is right around the corner and could be just as enjoyable.