New Quarter, Fresh Start

New Quarter, Fresh Start

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Sophia Dingmon

With grades finalized and report cards sent home, students at Ashley Ridge High School (ARHS) are already planning for the future second quarter. ARHS Freshmen, Natalia Schenone and Benji Graves, share their improvement plans. Here are some helpful ideas to use towards a fresh start.

Structured Learning Time (SLT) is twenty-five minutes spent in a student’s fourth period. Students should use it to complete work and catch up on assignments. Graves said that in order to improve his grades, he’s going to use SLT to make up school work and study. “It’s a golden ticket to not having any work to complete at home. Students should take it,” Graves said.

Just as SLT gives opportunities, Independent Learning Time (ILT) is a lunch period that students and teachers both share. The goal of ILT is to give students access to their teachers when needed. It also gives the ARHS student body greater choices of how to spend their time. It’s forty minutes each day that one can use to start off this next quarter responsibly.

A planner is a great way to stay organized and focused on what’s important and what’s needed to be done. ARHS has provided each student with a school planner. It contains a calendar for each month, and then full sheets for each day. There, a student can write down the assignments that have been given to him/her. Then, once at home or ILT or SLT, the student can open the planner and check off what they have completed. Schenone said, “Color coding the work in the planner can help show what class the assignment belongs to.”

Some may say improvement needs motivation. When asked about what helps and motivates them, Schenone and Graves answered with honesty. “Grades are important to my family, so they’re important to me,” Schenone said. Graves agreed with family being motivation, but added in his two cents. “They impact my educational future. Colleges look at grades and if they’re good, I have a chance for scholarships,” Graves said, “First quarter wasn’t good for me. But I know I can do better, so I am my self’s motivator.”