When it comes to taking a knee, not all agree!


Tyler Harbert

There is much controversy about taking a knee for the national anthem. There are many that feel strongly that NFL players should have to stand, and there are also some who feel players can take a knee. There has been much discussion about what needs to be done, and there is a possible way to resolve this problem.

The first side of the debate are those who believe that taking a knee during the national anthem is wrong. This group is made up of those who feel that taking a knee is disrespecting the flag and what it stands for.  Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has made many statements in regard to taking a knee and that he doesn’t agree with it. One comment he has made was,”we cannot … in the NFL in any way give the implication that we tolerate disrespecting the flag”(Sports Illustrated ). Along with Jones, he is joined by the President of the United States. President Trump has spoken constantly on the issue and once made the comment,” Fire any son of a B**** who disrespects our flag”(CNN News). President Trump has received very harsh criticism for his remarks regarding the anthem.

On the opposite side, are those who feel that players are doing what is right and trying to achieve justice. This side was started by Colin Kaepernick, who was a former NFL player. He felt that there is oppression against people of color, so he decided that he would protest by taking a knee for the national anthem. He first took knee a back in 2016, and it’s now over a year later and has gained much support first for his cause and the presidents comments.

Many players such as Michael Bennett, who play for the Seattle Seahawks, spoke about taking knee saying, “I’m a firm believer that you have to stand or sit for what you believe,”(Seattle Times). Players like Bennett believe that they have the Constitutional right to be able to protest when they choose. There is a possible compromise though to the situation to please Bennett and others.

Whether it is disrespectful or not, legally players can take a knee for the national anthem. To try and please everyone though, if the owners and coaches of the team don’t like these protest methods then they may ask them not to take a knee. If they don’t respect the owner and teams wishes then it should be up to the owner and coaches about the future of that player in their program.

Both sides to the argument voice their opinions and beliefs, but in life there always isn’t a way to please everyone. In the debate about taking a knee, it is the same way and may be resolved possibly over time. The players, president, and both sides to the debate may in the future be able to come together eventually to agree on the issue but, only over time could a compromise be reached.