Maze Runner: The Death Cure


Jaylin Gil

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is a must-see, hair-raising movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

On January 26, 2018, the film Maze Runner: The Death Cure, was released. It is the sequel to the 2015 film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and the third and final installment in the Maze Runner film series.

In this movie, Thomas leads some escaped “Gladers” on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary Last City, a WCKD-controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all, while trying to find a cure to a disease called the Flare. Anyone who makes it out alive will get answers to the questions that the “Gladers” have been asking since they arrived in the maze.

The plot of this movie was very unpredictable and exciting. In this film, we find out that some of the kids have the Flare, the disease that slowly eats away at your brain and makes you go insane. WCKD has been manipulating them the whole time, and that the world is coming to an end because of the Flare. All of these concepts have created a dark and terror-filled tone for the movie.

Throughout the movie, there were many thought-provoking themes, one of the biggest ones presented was friendship. In The Death Cure, friendship trumps everything-including suffering, sadness, and death. Because their memories have been wiped, the “Gladers” have only known one phase of their lives, and that’s the phase of being thrust into a Maze with a bunch of other kids. When you think about it, these Gladers’ relationships with each other aren’t just buddy-buddy. These kids are family, and they’ll do anything for each other.

The casting director, Denise Chamian, did an outstanding job of hiring the actors and actresses that were involved with the movie. Acting done by Dylan O’Brien was excellent and provided a sense of determination and strength to the character of Thomas. He brought a great amount of character to the part that would not have been fulfilled if it were someone else playing Thomas. Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played the role of Newt, did an amazing job presenting Newt as a charismatic and thoughtful character, which made the theme of friendship even more apparent. Kaya Scodelario did a great job of displaying Teresa as a conflicted, yet dedicated person and Ki Hong Lee also did a great job of displaying Minho as someone with a dedicated and independent personality.

Creators of the movie chose to fill the scenes with colors of a cool tone to create more of a sense of horror. These colors mostly consisted of dark and rich including blues, blacks, browns, and greens.  Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy. Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. All of these had a huge impact on the setting, tone, and mood of the film.

Sound effects and music made particular scenes of the movie more intense or more emotional. This kept the viewers more engaged and interested while watching the film.

Overall, this is an action-packed and exhilarating film that will not disappoint its audience. Although the film does include some violence and mature language, I would highly recommend it to coming-of-age teenagers, adults, and families.